Fashion History and Eras

Article Highlight: Communist Dress

Communist dress appeared in diverse guises in Russia and East European countries during seventy-two years of communist rule, and both similarities and differences between them were informed by the political,… Keep reading »

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Traditional African Fashion

Fashion has been influenced by many different factors throughout history. Early fashions developed out of necessity, with people creating apparel appropriate for their climate from the most readily available materials. As time went by, clothing evolved from being much more than a basic necessity; fashion began to define culture, socioeconomic conditions and status, individual expression and visual appeal.

Fashion Eras and Influences

Learn about the widely varied influences on clothing choices and see how they have changed over time.

Historical Perspective

Whether you're a history buff or someone who wants to get an idea of where the fashion industry may be heading in the future, looking at the historical context through which fashion has evolved can be quite fascinating. LoveToKnow Fashion History is a rich resource of interesting information on this important topic.

Fashion History and Eras