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Article Highlight: China: History of Dress

Chinese clothing changed considerably over the course of some 5,000 years of history, from the Bronze Age into the twentieth century, but also maintained elements of long-term continuity during that span of time.… Keep reading »

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Traditional Indian Dance Apparel

There have always been significant differences in how people dress around the world. These differences tend to be culturally-based, though some are brought on specifically because of climate challenges and textile availability unique to certain areas.

Fashion History Around the World

Review LoveToKnow Fashion History to find out how fashion has evolved over time in different locations around the globe. Learn about historically significant apparel selections in a wide variety of countries and cultures. Examples include:

International Perspective

These are only a few examples of what you can learn about the history of apparel around the world. Whenever you're looking for a historical perspective on international or culturally-based fashion, let LoveToKnow Fashion History be your go-to resource for trusted, thorough, fact-based information.

Clothing Around the World