Clothing Types and Styles

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Clothing Styles

There are so many different types of apparel to choose among, and the options have only grown more varied throughout history. There are clothing choices for every occasion and style preference, as well as choices tied strongly to culture. Find out about the many different types and styles of attire, including historical fashions and modern selections.

Many Fashion Options

Clothing styles are as varied as there are people and purposes.

Apparel Influences

What people choose to wear can be influenced by many factors, from the impact of music on hip-hop fashion, the grunge look and hippie attire to the status of academic dress in higher education. Other influences include religious observation, as evidenced by the burqa and cultural identity, as seen in traditional African American dress and Afrocentric fashion.

Clothing Evolution

When you are interested in learning more about the fascinating history of various clothing options and how fashion choices have evolved over time, there is no better resource than LoveToKnow Fashion History.

Clothing Types and Styles