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Modern fashion and the supporting clothing industry are the result of a shift around the mid-19th century from made-to-measure to ready-to-wear apparel. You may find the evolution of the fashion industry intriguing, especially how it generated other industries. These include name brands and labels, clothing department stores, fashion designers, and fashion magazines.

Name Brands and Labels

Did you know that as the popularity of ready-to-wear apparel grew, companies sought ways to distinguish themselves from other companies? The solution was name brands and these quickly emerged in the marketplace. The companies established apparel brands that customers grew to rely on for quality and price ranges. Fashion designers created their own clothing lines and became industry icons, marketing them to fashion boutique shops and department stores.

Glamour of Fashion

The phrase fashion industry often conjures up images of fashion models walking down runways and fashion photographer camera's flashing to capture the latest couturière collections. Fashion magazines, fashion illustrators and fashion journalists are part of the glamourous side of this industry, but there are other often overlooked associated industries.

Behind the Scenes in Fashion Industry

If you're interested in a fashion career or have chosen a fashion curriculum to provide you with insights to the many industries that support the fashion industry. These began with the textile industry.

Fashion and the Industrial Revolution

With the industrial revolution came machinery created to cater to the fashion industry. Machines were needed to mass produce fabrics to be fashioned into apparel. With these machines, the ready-to-wear industry was able to launch with confidence in the textile industry with a booming workforce.

Showing Off Designer Creations

Women and men making the best dressed list rank among celebrities and the very rich. The connection between celebrities and fashion is always evident at galas and industry award ceremonies. The impact on fashion by actors and actresses is undeniable. An unknown designer can become a leader in haute couture when a celebrity dons one of their creations.

Fashion and Clothing Industry

The fashion and clothing industry is a global commodity. Apparel manufacturing is the largest of all manufacturing industries. You can explore all facets of this colorful and often flamboyant industry.

Fashion and Clothing Industry