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Garment Factory

There is a lot more to the fashion industry than creating and selling clothing. The apparel industry is big business, whether you're talking about design, manufacturing or marketing. If you want to have a good working knowledge of fashion history or if you're planning a career in this field, it's important to take the time to educate yourself about how the business side of this industry has evolved.


Apparel begins with a creative process that involves the vision of fashion designers who conceptualize styles based on artistic vision, consumer demands, available textiles and production processes. Fashion illustrators bring their visions to life in storyboard form.


Mass-producing apparel is an involved undertaking that requires advanced manufacturing facilities, costly machinery and skilled personnel. Workers in this industry are often represented by labor unions and companies must comply with detailed requirements, such as stringent labeling laws.


Marketing and merchandising clothing brands involves elements of art and science. Prestigious brands often try to garner the favor of celebrities, building brand awareness through having their merchandise seen on popular actors and actresses, as well as other fashion icons (such as political figures) who are included on best-dressed lists.

Preparing for Industry Success

Fashion careers are very competitive and it can be challenging to gain entry to the profession. If you want to be successful in any aspect of the fashion industry, be prepared to complete formal education in the field prior to applying for work and plan to stay involved in professional organizations once you become employed.

Fashion and Clothing Industry